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Every business and organization needs and covets ...

... a high performance sales engine. We used the title Sales ‘Training’ as that is what most companies start to search for, but what we actually do, AND what your organization likely needs, is our unique program of ‘Sales Conditioning’. Sales training on its own is never the answer for multiple reasons ...
(contact us to inquire)


What’s your plan for the coming month, quarter, year, or 3 years to build and develop your team?

How are you accessing and utilizing personality profiles and assessments? What about scheduling professionally facilitated retreats and planning sessions? Could you use a consistent communication skills and mindset basics course for every team member in your company as soon as you onboard them? Our six keys to a winning team is the basis for ... (find out more) ...


Every serious entrepreneur and executive seems to be seeking out the latest in Leadership training ...

... but what is not very actively sought these days is ‘management’ skills. Our leadership training is rooted in the understanding the difference between management and leadership, and ‘when’ team members are ready for true leadership. Our 12 month executive leadership coaching program is the catalyst ... (find out more) ...


Meet our Business Coaching Team

Free Live

Join the world’s leading business coach Brad Sugars on his live webinars designed to be jam packed with ideas and strategies.

You can view the entire webinar schedule to book the topics that interest you into your calendar, and then tune in to the live event with other business owners from around the world. Your earning will NEVER surpass your learning, so get registered for these free sessions ... (find out more) ...


What’s more important: having a great plan, or having the system, method, and coaching to execute the plan?

How about you just get both? Owner’s Club is a one of a kind 6 month program exclusively for Business Owners that includes access to our cutting edge online business planning tool and supplemented with additional resources and support. No more great intentions that just sit on the shelf and collect dust, members of Owner’s Club will experience ... (find out more) ...

Book an

Have some questions for us? Just want to brainstorm on one of our whiteboards with one of our coaches for an hour?

Need to run some of your ideas and plans by an unbiased third party? Thinking about getting a second opinion to compare to your current coaching or training resource? Or perhaps you have been thinking about our services for quite some time and you’re ready to explore options. In any case -the coffee is always on at our office.
(book an appointment)

Are You Just Going Through the Motions?

Get Results. Real results. The kind of results that show up in the financials, results that build and protect your organization's culture, and results that allow you the lifestyle you're after.

No individual or company engages a firm like us simply because they don't have enough things going on to fill the hours and the training budget: results are everything. Our programs, services, and products are wide in scope and variation as are the markets we serve, but no matter what service for what customer, the end product remains the same - results. If you need results, that is exactly what we are purveyors of.

How are You Protecting Your Investment in Great People?

The same people you worked so hard to attract and bring into your organization.

What if you could build a consistent training, planning, coaching, and leadership development program for all your people and it was based on world leading content and delivered consistently every time? Contact us to see how our firm can facilitate everything from basic skill training for your employees, right up to and including corporate coaching and strategic retreats for your executives.

Access Business Tools and Systems

Whether you are a start-up, small to medium business, large corporation, not for profit company, or any other organization that is seeking constant improvement ...

... you can now easily access the tools and systems you require. Business tools including, but limited to, business planning software, alignment reports, business valuation reports, and personality and behaviour profiles that can be used as stand-alone products, or in conjunction with coaching or training programs.

What is Coaching?

Business owners and Executives, like top athletes, want to perform at their best. In order to perform at their best: they all need coaching. Owners and Executives need access to business and leadership best practices, as well as guidance through tough financial and staffing times, resources on how to manage and lead their teams, and most of all: accountability. A coach can help with all these needs.

How can coaching help your business?

With years of experience behind each coach, and as business owners ourselves, we practice what we preach because we know that it gets results. With over 30,000 hours of coaching between us, we are the business coaching leaders in Calgary through a proven history and track record.

The Business Edge Coaching Team

Our team has been leveraging tools and systems from almost 20 years of business coach experience with over 100,000 business and corporations worldwide. With over 3,500 modules our role as coaches is to identify what is needed and to help you understand its relevance to you and to show you how to apply what you need when you need it.

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