What is Coaching?

Business owners and Executives, like top athletes, want to perform at their best. In order to perform at their best: they all need coaching. Owners and Executives need access to business and leadership best practices, as well as guidance through tough financial and staffing times, resources on how to manage and lead their teams, and most of all: accountability. A coach can help with all these needs.

How do we do that?

With years of experience behind each coach, and as business owners ourselves, we practice what we preach because we know that it gets results. With over 30,000 hours of coaching between us, we are the business coaching leaders in Calgary through a proven history and track record.

Coaching methods range from 1 on 1 coaching with individuals, Group Coaching, Training, Workshops, Retreats, and much more.

Our team has been leveraging tools and systems from almost 20 years of business coach experience with over 100,000 business and corporations worldwide. With over 3,500 modules our role as coaches is to identify what is needed and to help you understand its relevance to you and to show you how to apply what you need when you need it. Contact us today to see how we can help your business thrive.

Solutions and profit for Calgary's hard working business owners. This is where executives excel themselves in Calgary! Welcome to Executive and Business Coaching.
Assessments and tools for Calgary business owners. If you're a start-up, the best thing to do is to start out right. Come down or book an appointment with a coach today.

What's Coaching like at Business Edge?