Workplace Dynamics Workshop

Date: 23-Jul-2013


Workplace Dynamics Workshop

Where: Business Edge Coaching Office

When: July 23rd 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Admission: Guests $249 + gst, Chamber Members $199 + gst, Alliance Members $199 + gst, Client's Team Members $99 + gst

JULY ONLY: Clients and clients' team members FREE, Alliance members $50 +gst, all other guests $125 +gst

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Bring your team and new hires up to your standards.

A great team can lead your company to greatness and outstanding growth, but you need to maintain it and invest in ensuring all your members are working together to fuel its success.

If you have a new hire or you want to realign your team, set them up for success by registering for our Orientation Workshop, building on the crucial skills and mindsets through our 4 Elements for Success.

This workshop focuses on developing:

• Breaking bad habits and creating ownership

• Developing the tools they need for growth

• Providing them with the tools and mindset for supreme focus; and

• Uncovering their communication styles and how to use the DISC in the workplace

This workshop will bring your team to a whole new level of synergy and understanding. Efficiency and effectiveness starts now - sign your team or new hire up today!

How to register

To register for this event please fill out the form below or contact our Workshop Department by phone 403.455.1577 or by email: [email protected]